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Adrianne Adelle McCluer is an idea generator, artisan, and inventor.

Her mother was a mountain lion and her father was a grizzly bear. Adrianne loves words the walls in her bedroom are covered with them and their definitions. She is tall and thin and wears bowling shoes most of the time, whether she is bowling or not. Currently her hair is short but it is growing everyday. Adrianne has her own business: Brooding Artist Inc. also called B. A. Inc, she hopes one day that it will be a large collective, a safe haven for any artist that wishes to join…it’s a work in progress.

She has two dogs and 8 chickens. The chickens are not named as she has a hard time telling them all apart, but she knows that they are all girls so she just collectively calls them Helen. Her dogs are named Rugby and Rocco, they are large and impressive looking Pitt Bulls. Her brother Adam is a famous writer whose brilliant stories have captivated millions; he eventually wants to be a movie director. Adrianne’s sister Alex is a famous explorer who has traveled all over the world. Alex’s latest discovery was that Big Foot does indeed, have big feet. Adrianne’s mother Annette is a retired fashion model, she is incredibly beautiful, so beautiful in fact that she never has to wear any makeup at all. Annette is Adrianne’s best friend. Adrianne’s father often referred to as Scotty Canyon, is also a famous explorer and jack of all trades. Whether he is riding a unicycle, eating a solid pound of bacon all by himself, or awing people with his awesome ninja skillz he has often been confused for Indiana Jones or John Claude Van Dam. She has an awesome family.IMG_0023

When Adrianne was a kid her role models were: Breathless Mahoney (Madonna) and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), because they rock. Influences on her adult life are and have been: Tyler Durden, Jesus Christ, and Ellen Ripley. Adrianne has a BFA with an emphasis on photography, and a light saber with which she uses to defend the universe from evil. She loves Jesus, and she doesn’t give a crap if you think that’s not cool. She once broke her nose fighting off a group of Yakuza hit men who were trying to steal her secret chocolate chip cookie recipe, she won, no contest. Adrianne has written 3 books of poetry and started and not yet completed countless novels. When she grows up she wants to be an artist who is able to support her family and travel the world, she doesn’t care a hair for fortune and glory. She is currently in love with Jack White, Edward Norton, and Anthony Hopkins, but she likes to keep her options open.

She spends most of her time fighting crime, making art that people love, and playing with her sister Alex on the jungle gym behind their large and impressive mansion of a house. She does not have a boyfriend, and she is okay with that. When she is not reading books, working out with Sylvester Stallone, writing stories, dancing, solving crime with Sherlock Holmes, drinking green tea, or swimming across the Atlantic ocean, she can often been found deep in the woods that surround her house inciting the local grizzly bears to joust with her in a bare knuckle boxing match.

Life is good….


I thought I should add a little more to this seeing as how this blog has been going for some time now, though not always under the best of care. I won’t lie when I say that the past year and a half have been the most difficult in my life, and now days away from turning 25 I feel that I really should look back over how far I’ve come, thank God, and update my blog.

: )

My hair has definitely grown some. Pretty much a lot but I’m sick of it so I just recently got a real nice bang installed, it looks pretty rad. Rad is my new word. Someone told me one of those folks from the voice was going to bring rad back, restoring it to the American vernacular. Well I was doing it first…so there. Haha. I really just needed a word other than awesome, which though highly intelligent I say far too often, and thusly sound like I should be in Bill and Teds next excellent adventure.

Anyhoo, life is good, you know just bumpin along trying to experience and learn as much as I can. Always looking for new opportunities to broaden my horizons. I will very shortly have a lovely new photo studio that I will be using to blow your minds with my awesome (drat, I hate the word) photo skillz. I think I didn’t do so much photography after school a) because I was burnt the heck out and b) my camera was burnt out too. However, in the command of a fantastic new camera and a brilliant (nice, though now I might sound British) studio full of lots-o-goodies I shall be churning forth some great photo and illustration work.

So be watching in the months to come for the development of a new blog, the birth of the Bobot nation and possibly an online shop where you can purchase any number of awesome fine art prints, and maybe dare I say it… apparel? We shall just have to see about that.

Feel free to look about or drop me a line and say hello, I always love to hear from you folks out there. End of update.

Cheers ya’ll


25 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! The girl can flat out write, draw and photograph! Plus being an undiscovered ninja warrior princess in her space time.

    Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing some of your work. I especially loved your “Avatar” piece. You and I are definitely “Avatar” soul mates. You expressed my feelings about the subjects exactly. Marcia and I saw both versions on the big screen and just bought the DVD yesterday.

    You often express a natural concern about your immediate future. Seventy plus years have shown me that the main things are: just keep working on your artistic gifts, let folks know who you are and how you can help them, do what you can wherever you are, relax and enjoy the moment. It’s a long wonderful adventure.

    What fun to chat with you at Darianne Burns’ wedding. Give some thought to dropping into the Richland Park Horse Trials the last week-end in August. I think you would enjoy the photographic challenge and maybe even sell a few photos. Let us know if you come.

    All Best, Jack Sizer
    (the tall, bald ex-ninja warrior photographer at the wedding)


    • Hey! I loved talking with you and Marcia at the wedding. You guys are so awesome and you made me feel like I was not amid strangers. I get so tense, it was wonderful to chat and hear about your kids and photography adventures. What a blessing it was to run into you two, you guys are so much fun! Thanks for being so kind and so thoughtful. I’m glad you liked the blog, I don’t get to work on it as much anymore but I’m planning on making more time.

      I had a booth and the Fulton Street artist market on Sunday and it was a blast! I don’t sell my photo work but people were intrigued by my jewelry and illustrations! It was really great, belonging to the art community is a beautiful thing.

      I hope I can come and visit, I’ll let you know about the Richland Park Horse trials.

      Thanks for being so awesome!


  2. this is so clever! Im very happy i stumbled across your blog! I would love for you to check out a little site I put together for creative minds, called Social Muze! I think you would make a great addition! 🙂 If you wana take a peak, you can access it through the Creative Playground tab on my blog. Hope to see you there!

  3. I met you at the UICA Holiday market! I bought the starfish!!! Just wanted to say thank you…you are so kind and I love your art! Are you on Facebook???


  4. I hope you enjoy that starfish! I was so inspired by your nautical Christmas tree idea. I’ll bet it looks incredible. I am so glad you enjoyed my work, it was a great weekend. I am making a facebook for my business as we speak. The moment it is up and running I will post it on my blog.

    Do take care and have a wonderful Holiday!

    ~Adrianne Adelle

  5. Wow, ninja training is super difficult. I have to complete my wall walking and smoke-escape training. My master gave me a pink suit to wear, because he says my ninja skills are too meek in comparison to my ostentatious fighting style.

  6. P.S. I’m probably not supposed to pick favorites but Kelsi was my favoritest dog ever!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 She used to cower in her cage but when I read to her she’d flop on my lap and snuggle. Eventually she used her tail instead of having it tucked between her legs. She’d come out of her cage bouncing and wagging, it was so precious to see her change! :). She got adopted 🙂 🙂 :).

  7. I couldn’t get back to you on facebook, so I had to stalk you a bit 🙂 How lovely to find this! Here is what I was going to say…

    I thought of you just this summer! I was looking through pictures from high school and remembering how strikingly beautiful you are! We are doing well here in Virginia. We’re expecting our baby girl in December. It has been a huge change for me to be at home a lot (I had been teaching full time here for the past two years and now am a substitute), but I am enjoying the time to walk, encourage my friends, and have more down time. Patrick is working at Dairy Queen, and we both have been enjoying getting to know our neighbors and trying our hand at gardening. What have you been up to? I hope you are well. Thank you for your prayers. We’ll always take them! Your heart is beatuiful as well. You are dear to me!


  8. Hey:

    Interesting blog!
    I found it after seeing a picture about the actor BRYAN BROWN and his wife…
    Yesterday – the film COCKTAIL was on TV in a channel (CABLE TV in my country_Brazil).
    I like Mrs Ward too; I watched some films where she acted: FORTRESS, my favorite one. And a hit here.
    About the blog (and the person who owns it): cool, I have several animals too – dogs/a tortoise/cacatoo (in Portuguese… CALOPSITA! A bird native from THERE_AUSTRALIA).
    My sister has several in her home as well; she is a vet and closed her clinic/place where she used to work – 3 dogs and 7 cats… And living in an apartment with them (not so easy!).
    I like arts 2_I even make some things/techniques (candles/MDF/others). I even planning things in CHRISTMAN EVE. A time where sales are wanted.
    And you speak/know SPANISH (about the HOLA in the top of the page)… It´s a nice language, but kind of difficult: verbs/some words are similar to my language. I studied it in my college (Tourism)… And in Brazil there are many people that have Spanish heritage (and the countries around here).
    That´s it.

    See ya,
    Rodrigo Rosa

    * You noticed I know aussie slangs.

  9. Haha. I chuckled a few times when I read this. One of the best “About” Page descriptions I’ve ever read. Nice gravatar picture by the way. It’s a good shot; makes you look like a Lenscrafters model. (To me, anyway.)

    • Haha, thank you! You’re too kind. Sometimes I have just as much fun writing as I do illustrating, and it’s true, I can get a little carried away! With both! 😉 Thanks again for taking a look. 🙂

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