In order to grow in grace, we must spend a great deal of time in quiet solitude. Contact with others in society is not what causes the soul to grow most vigorously. In fact, one quiet hour of prayer will often yield great results than many days spent in the compay of others. It is in the desert that the dew is freshest and the air is the most pure. ~ Andrew Bonar

My thoughts on solitude have always been the same, that solitude is very important. And I believe it is even more important in today’s rushed lifestyle. I think we all idealize the thought of alone time but honestly in our hearts don’t want to take the time to be alone. We don’t want to take the time for meditation because it doesn’t feel as good as it would to be in the company of someone else.

We are social beings, this is true. But I think there is a different type of social nature that is engaged in quite meditation. Knocking on the sky, taking the time to pray and seek can restore a disturbed equilibrium, strengthen a dwindling grip, and revitalize a sapped and spent energy.

Alone time isn’t just good, it’s great. And it should be happening everyday. Give yourself 20 today. You’ll be grateful you did.

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:16



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