Life now…


Hit Artprize today with my beau, got in a little early on the action as it doesn’t really begin until tomorrow.

We stopped and had coffee and tea and prayed and then planned out the next 6 months of our lives together.

Life has been so strange lately, and probably some of the hardest days I’ve encountered thus far. I have to thank my family, and those friends that stood by me, young and old to help me through this difficult time. Family is so dear, and they have truly saved me in more ways than one.

I am grateful to my Savior for his blessings, the starting of my own freelance business, the restoration of my sweet sweet man, and the chance to dream of an even brighter future. As friends have fallen by the way side I have a new take on popular opinion and what it is to know my own mind. I am grateful for these days. Hard though they may be, and missed may be former friends, but the best really and truly is yet to come.




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