Life : Beautiful


A brother of mine took this fantastic photograph, that is for certain one of the best photos of my life thus far. It was taken by someone I love and has someone in it I love through and through. That is my incredibly talented little black heart Caitlin.

I call her Cat.

She came into my life not to long ago as a fellow workmate. Working with all dudes it was cool to think there would be another lady in the office roughly my age and obviously of a certain coolness (by that I mean totally cooler than me). I learned she was in a band. Savage Sister. She was from Chicago and was a big city girl. Intimidating? For me, yea, why would she wanna hang out with a country girl like me.

Like usual that didn’t stop me.

And after months of bugging the tar out of her shy little self she started to open up.

She is one of the most passionate, talented, poetic people I have ever met. Her life is poetry, the way she speaks is compelling and deeply felt, even the way she dances, moving from one place to another seems to have its own cadence and rhythm. Her laugh is contagious, her thoughts genuine, and her concern for those she loves very very real.

She is in Austin right now. And she is way too cool for Michigan. I’m afraid she won’t come back. But whether she does come back, or does not, I have been so blessed to know her. And I cannot wait to see the places she will go.

Man I love this girl.

To the bones my friends, to the bones.

I hope you too have someone as excellent as this in your life. If you do, cherish them, adore them and they will do the same for you.

Love always,



One thought on “Life : Beautiful

  1. Felt like I was reading an excerpt from a YA novel. It’s nice that you mention another person in such a positive light. (Especially since I heard a bunch of coworkers complain about people today. Haha.)

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