The retrospective


Some last thoughts in moving on :

I think that as a woman it’s increasingly important when looking for a life partner to watch actions just as much as we hear words. I think as women we can be far more auditory than we realize.

When looking in love it is important to guard your heart, listen and also watch for actions to mirror mouth.

And never let the person you are with make you feel insecure about any part of you. They should love you completely and complete. They should love your devotion to your family, the sensitivity of your heart, your hick roots, loose jeans and your lovely asymmetrical face. And if they want it to work, they will fight for you. They will chase.

People are full of holes, imperfect and pretty busted up. Appreciate gallantry. Respect the exception. Learn the rules of the black and white but be sure to see the value in the gray.

Forgive and move on.

Amen y’all.



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