Alien Movie Poster

Hey everyone!

Wahoo! At long last I have finished my poster! Have you been following our challenges at Illustration Time? 🙂 If not we were challenged to generate a movie poster. So here’s mine!


I didn’t see Alien as a youngin’ I actually saw it with my folks for the first time when I was in college! I was terrified! But it was such a rush and I enjoyed the mythology so much that I own all the collector editions of the films and they are some of my favourite movies. Because I am a big scaredy cat, I can’t watch the movies alone and have to be in the company of others or else it’s just to intense for me.

I tried to depict Ripley in this poster as I feel she and the rest of her companions are in the movie : completely, and utterly alone out in the middle of cold, dark space.

I have two versions here. One is the fogged version which would probably be the final and the second is the non-fog version that I love because it is so much crisper. Which do you like more?

ALIEN!!! 2


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