Day 25 : Halloween Anticipation Project

Hey y’all. I know I didn’t post yesterday, but it was because I had a Halloween party last night and wasn’t able to post with all the driving and hanging out I was doing. I went as a cheap skeleton costume made out of black clothes I already owned and white duct tape. Haha it was alright. I also did a little face painting just to make it look like I put some effort in 😉 Its more about hanging out with people than having the perfect costume yes?

I will also try to post today’s illustration but am feeling a little ill in the gill as I took my little sister to a Fall Fest today and stupidly went on a ride with her very much like the Disney teacup ride. Where it spins in a circle and the the riders can spin it faster by turning the wheel at the center of the cup. Well mercy me, she must have been out to punish because that child spun that thing with such ferocity my guts are still in a knot. My mom was laughing watching from the side saying all she could hear me shouting was “Alex not so fast! Don’t spin it so fast!!!” with my eyes squeezed shut and looking pretty green. Hahaha. I think I’ll be recovered by tomorrow but just so you know I’ll try posting again tonight. 😉

Little Witch

Little Witch


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