Challenge Announcement: Montage Movie Poster

The latest challenge is up on Illustration Time a few cryptids are yet to be posted and then we are off with this. I am going to do one of my favourite 80’s movie! Yay!

Illustration Time

We’re giving ourselves a little bit more time to complete this one, since it’s an ambitious challenge: a montage movie poster (so expect to see the entrant efforts to start coming in a few weeks from now). The only requirements are 1) that each piece somehow display more than one character, and 2) the poster should incorporate the logotype for the title of the movie. It can be fan art for a favorite film, or the movie can be something completely original by the artist.

The reason I’m choosing this for our new challenge is a) to challenge us creatively, and b) because my favorite place to dwell illustratively is on the line between illustration and design. This type of project fuses the two disciplines in a way that will force careful compositional planning while inviting engaging figure work. Here are some stunning examples of movie posters that I like…

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