Hellow Halloween

Hey everyone. I’ve been planning for some time to do something illustration-wise for Halloween. I got it in my head that I wanted to do an advent calender, one of those calenders you peel a window open every day till Christmas. Only I wanted to do that for Halloween.

So I have designed the calender. And by this point I’ve stopped calling it the Halloween advent calender, because for some reason in my head that just isn’t right. My friend Brandon came up with a better name : The Halloween Anticipation Calender! Haha, sounds good. So what I have in mind is 31 days of ghoulish Halloween illustrations that by day 31 will fully populate and complete my calender, which is, you guessed it, a haunted mansion.

This is what I have done of the Mansion so far. I will post a new monster each day and then by day 31 I will have the final illustration completed, and definitely more detail in the mansion. The first few illustrations are already done. It’s going to be great! Muhahahahahahaha! 🙂

Halloween Anticipation Calender

Halloween Anticipation Calender

It isn’t done yet so don’t be hatin’! 🙂


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