Ripper Street


I have quiet recently fallen head over heels in love with the BBC television series….Ripper Street.

Whats a single girl to do? 😉

I’ve always adored the BBC, and there is little that the network has put out in the British Drama department that hasn’t impressed me. Their rendition of Jane Eyre, love it. Anything they do about Queen Elizabeth, fantastic. Seriously, they have such an incredible writing talent over there it is insane! And costume, set, makeup, historical researchers as well. All round, they are pretty great.

I got into Ripper Street by accident. I just came across it on Netflix and it was late at night so I didn’t want to watch a whole movie. I watched two one-hour episodes of Ripper Street back to back, haha, yea. It’s that good. And then I had scary dreams all night.

But hey, it was worth it. 😉


I’ve always liked Matthew MacFadyen as an actor, he is very good. And of the three main characters he is pretty great, but I love his strong arm companion the very most. The bruiser, Drake, is such a strong, sad, rough around the edges type, of course he would be my favourite. I have been brought to tears multiple times watching the show! Sitting alone, in the dark, tearing up at the screen because the lady won’t marry Drake because she doesn’t appreciate how amazing he is….Drake I’d marry you. In a hot minute baby.

The ladies are pretty great too though, don’t let me forget about them. Stellar casting. Two thumbs way, way up.


Anyhoo, it’s a great show, regardless of my dude crushes. The forensic research that goes into each episode is absolute genius, and I delight in every minute of it.

Watch it.

It really is that great.



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