Illustration Time Challenge : Landscape

Good evening kittens. I hope you have all had a delightful weekend and are thoroughly rested and ready to take on the work week.

I have just now put the final touches on my challenge piece, which this week was landscape. I was inspired by a fellow artist to do something hobbit-y. But it comes from a deeper desire to generate a 26 card set of Lord of the Rings related ABC flash cards! How rad would that be! M is for Mordor. O is for Orc. And so on. Maybe I will get to it someday 😉

This is supposed to be Bilbo contemplating his journey to the Misty Mountain. But those mountains look rather moody do they not?

Haha there is a mountain in there that oddly enough reminds me of Lumpy Space Princess, what the heck! Teehee 🙂


The Moody Mountains


Totally crappy sketch


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