Illness : Wellness : Gratefulness

Ugh, I just typed up a huge post and wordpress just ate it. And though it makes me want to commit defenestration and hurl my computer out the window I know that won’t hurt the internet, or wordpress. So for the sake of my computer I shall refrain…for now.

So, what I was going to say, in a condensed version cuz now I’m bent. There hasn’t been any activity here because I was hittin up the ER pretty hard Tuesday night. I mean I am doing better now but it was pretty hairy for a while and no one really knew what was going on.

Well after failing some pretty standard, track my finger with your eyes, squeeze my hands, lift your arms and close your eyes “tests” and then nearly blacking out I was rushed into a room and poked and pinched and all that fun stuff. A CAT scan, 3 steroids via IV, and some drug induced sleep it was decided that I was one sick kitty, but I had cool hair, and I’d be alright. 😉


It was nothing long term, nor life threatening. A combination of things came together to really lay me out, and I’ve been recovering ever since. On average I’m sleeping about 10 hours a day, even more right after it happened. I come home try to eat something and then pass out for a little while. I wake up, and then about 45 min later I go back to sleep. So pretty much I’m turning into a bear. A big cranky bear.

I have to thank my brother who came out on his own to look after me. He got me discharged, and bought me dinner. You’re a good man. My family has been praying hardcore and believing that I will be 100% soon. And the awesome folks I work with, for being so kind and so concerned. I can’t believe I know so many good people, it grows my heart to think about it.

And I know I’m on my way to wellness, it’s just going to take me a little while to get there, though hopefully I’ll be posting more shweet stuff very soon.

I’ve never been to the ER. Never. I didn’t want to go. I even got into a mild argument with the peeps at urgent care about it. But I think they were right. It could have been anything, a clot in my brain, a tumor, God forbid. But it wasn’t. And I tell you, it will make me appreciate the near perfect health I am able to enjoy almost everyday of my life. I shall count my blessings one by one.

One by one.

So there is the long of it. Here is the short of it.

They were like “You need to go to the ER. Now” and I was like :

tumblr_mku8ulD63d1s6t1oio1_500Then they were like “No, we’re serious. You need to go” And I was all like “Lalalalala, can’t Hear you!”


But I went. Cuz I’m a good girl. And also my mom made me. Cuz she’s a good mum. And we were worried about it being something really serious. But my body was all like :


And even though I’m still a bit rough right now, pretty soon I’ll be 100% and we’ll all be doing one of these :


And it’ll be great. 🙂 Love you guys.


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