Audio Bookin’ it

Many of you know that as a designer I sit on my duff most the day in front of a computer. I don’t mind it really, can’t say I ever pictured myself staged at a screen for most of the day work-wise. But there are days when I couldn’t make it through without a good audio book.


I just finished the Godfather by Mario Puzo, and it was great. I mean, I loved it, as much as a person can love a bunch of lying murdering Italian mafioso. The character development is exceptional and the pace of the story pretty energized. I am watching the film now and can’t believe how close Coppola kept it to the book (though that might have been due to the fact that Puzo did the screenplay, or so I believe). Good job Francis, I approve.

I’d like to read the series but as of tomorrow I am moving on to reread the Hobbit.


Another book I just finished was Ender’s Game. IT WAS FANTASTIC. How they are making it into a movie I just don’t understand, there are so many important subtle psychological things I just don’t know how they could hope to render on the big screen. But I guess we shall see. It was very well written, and Ender, the little genius, was terribly engaging and courageous. I dig it, in a big way.

514FZMXX3YL._SS500_I’m not sure just how many cds there were to this bad boy but Gone With the Wind was a serious audio undertaking. I had read the book before and didn’t really recall how much Mitchell went into detail about the towns, the clothes, the people. While it was yes a love story, it was also a huge critique on Northern and Southern attitudes, slavery, and the passing of an age. So great. I am terribly remorseful the series was never finished. I highly recommend you not read any of the two novels commissioned by Mitchell’s estate. They are terrible. I wouldn’t waste my time with either Rhett Butler’s People or Scarlet, as they both, pardon my french, suck.


I did hop into the thriller genre after seeing the Jack Reacher film. And I must admit, it was fun. All I need is a guy like Reacher to ask for my number and my life will be complete. Haha, just kidding. The way he thinks strangely enough reminds me of my father, always the survivor and functioning paranoid. 😉 Really though it was fun, the villain was a good one, and of course Jack was just too good even when he gets shot in the chest, he’s so muscle bound the bullet doesn’t go anywhere. And when a nail penetrates his skull he, of course, doesn’t suffer any brain damage or change in his personality.

He really is too good to be true.

Lastly I started off the summer picking up a new writer who I completely fell in love with. The amazing, the incredible Isabel Allende. This woman can write her heart and soul into everything she touches. Although I haven’t read her most acclaimed work her knowledge of history, of men and women and Spanish culture in immense. The best of the three was the island beneath the sea, though so harrowing it left me pretty depressed for a while. I had so little knowledge of the history of Haiti, when I finished the book I felt like a flippin’ scholar. That and my heart was broken very much for it’s people and what they endured.

Zorro was light, very fun and completely entertaining. I have always loved the legend of Zorro and this book really brought it to life for me.

I look forward to many more audio booking experiences but am worried I’ll clean my library out in a year. Hahaha. Seriously though….what will I do if that happens. Eep! 😉


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