Oh Baby!

Clean Toof

Clean Toof

I had to go for my regular tooth cleaning today. Since I moved recently I had to find a new dentist to work on my toothkins. Found a nice little place near by. Having always had really excellent oral care I thought I’d be in and out of there in a jiff. I was always told that my teeth are in great shape, seeya bye kind of thing. Never a cavity, never a filling.

Well, I tell ya, the lady who did my teeth deserves an award. I think any little scrape of anything she took out of there with many a scrape and a poke. Yikes. I mean I’m super grateful for the excellent job she did, and yes she told me my teeth are in great shape, but it kind of makes you wonder what the other guys I was seeing before were doing. Cuz, I’ve never been scrapped and polished like that before!

I got scolded for not flossing more than I do. And oddly enough the first thing the actual dentist asked me was if I was really athletic. Puzzled by the question, and thinking of how it could possibly relate to the condition of my teeth I asked why? To which he answered, because you have a very athletic build.

Um, random.

Hahaha, whatever. Thanks Dentist, and Dental assistant lady, my teeth are lookin’ rad.

I promise to floss more too.

I swears. 🙂


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