Summer laughs

I was cat called yesterday by a young man who stole my heart away. Here’s the story.

While walking the pier with my friend Jessica we came to the boardwalk. This is where the beach meets the channel. We were in conversation when looking past her I saw an adorable little black boy staring at me quite openly and walking in the opposite direction as us. I grinned at him and kept walking.

He was followed by an even smaller little man, maybe 5 and so content with the beach and life he failed to notice his swim trunks hanging rather low over his bottom. It was so cute, I could have died. They were both so plump and perfect, just too cute.

Having passed them, I was surprised when I heard a shout. “Hey Baby” the littlest boy yells facing us, throwing his hands in the air and grinning “Can I get yo number!!”

Jessica and I were laughing so hard, it really touched my heart. Children are such a blessing, and they bless our lives with even the smallest of gestures. Haha. I was so happy I’d have given him my number, which he would have promptly passed onto his dad who had put him up to it in the first place.

It really touched my lumpy little heart and made me smile…

The End. 🙂

Hey baby


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