Fun Work

ddThings have been great at School Zone Publishing, my new place of occupation. It’s nearly been three months and I am really liking it. I work with these fantastic, fantastic people. They are all so rad, and I talk about them all the time.

It’s funny, if you think about it, your work mates are the people you spend the most time with. I mean weekends aside, those people are your family.

And I am just so grateful to work with such awesome folks. Like I mentioned before the unit I work in is 4 peeps, me and three dudes. Who are totally my bromies. And they pick on me as if I was a kid sister. My boss is such a prankster, and I have a growing suspicion a terror in his youth. He’s a deadpan teaser, and I am, well, kinda gullible. Haha. But while on break and away from my computer I came back to my mac, finished the project I was working on and started closing window after window. Indesign, finder, another finder, Illustrator. And when I get to my desktop, is it a fun Adventure Time wallpaper? NO! It’s a gigantic, nasty, ugly, hairy, big, disgusting, did I mention huge? SPIDER!

I had flipped through my windows so fast that I actually jumped when I saw it. And I start complaining right away, and I turn to him and he is just laughing it up. In all seriousness, it was really funny. But I’m just such an easy target! 😀

Well what I really wanted to share with you was the banner I got to work on for the SZ facebook page. It was a lot of fun to do and I got to implement a good deal of my own style. Check it out, and follow them on pinterest and facebook if you don’t already.

Another thing about this company, is that I am so incredibly proud of the products we make. They are amazing! And soooo great for kids. I wish people could see how many folks slave over a single hidden pictures book to make sure it’s perfect. Truth.


This is the composition set up my my extremely talented workmate Michelle. She is a WAY better illustrator than me, and I am a huge fan of her style.


This is the final banner. All worked up with my cutie pie sun and flowers. 🙂


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