Designer Spotlight


Hey homies, head on over to the AFB, A Fresh Bunch Blog today to see a great little bit they did about be being a part of the group.

I haven’t done as much work for them as of late because my new life is a busy one. And with the weather so nice I spend the free time I do have outside! But I have some new stuff in the works, so hold on to your hats.

Here is a bit of the interview:


We have Adrianne Adelle in our Designer Spotlight today, talking with AFB and founder Jenny Morgan about designing through A Fresh Bunch and more.

Jenny: If you read Adrianne’s blog (link at the bottom of this post), you immediately get a sense of why we love her at AFB.  Plain and simple, she’s fun.  You can just tell.  Whether it’s one of her patterns, or an email exchange with her, there’s always an element of wit, little wink that injects some fun.  Read on to find out more about Adrianne!

AFB:  What’s your Favorite Project you’ve worked on with AFB?

Adrianne:  My favorite project for AFB, thus far, is definitely the continuous pattern designs for the Art Marketplace . Whatever the category, I just love to illustrate and explore new styles!  As a photographer and digital artist, I often like to blend photographic elements with my illustrations. The style I’ve used most for AFB is a loose hand drawn style that lends to my whimsical subject matter. Creating designs for the Art Marketplace in the Novelty Category is my favorite thing because I can pretty much do whatever I fancy.


Mixed Tapes

FB_Ice Creams_Childrens_AAM

Ice-y Creams

AFB: Do you have a Favorite Celebration?

Adrianne:   Well, I love all celebrations, mainly because it means I get to be with my family. I recently relocated away from them and go back home often. Holidays for me are about being home, and with my people. As an artist, I like illustrating things for Halloween the most though. I love monsters and fun creepy crawlies; though I am always generating material that is specifically geared toward children.  So no scary monsters here 🙂



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