Casey also works with dogs. He is heavily involved with pound pals and a slew of other organizations giving pitbulls a second chance at life. He is also a foster father for any number of dogs trying to get them into good homes and helping them to recover from abuse and abandonment.

This is his current foster Scamp. He has a rather tragic story. If you notice his ears don’t look like a proper crop (if you approve of crops or not) that’s because they aren’t. Scamps previous owners cut off his ears with a pair of scissors, perhaps because they didn’t want to pay to have it done and most obviously because they don’t value the gift of life and the honest love and adoration that comes from a canine companion.

I am really choosing my words here wisely because if I were to give way to how this kind of treatment of animals makes me feel…none of you would ever read my blog again. And probably, I might go to jail. But seriously.

Scamp also has an array of scars on his body were his owners took to putting out their cigarettes on his skin. These were not people, they were soulless villains inflicting excruciating pain and abuse on a creature who not only could not understand, but could not flee, could not escape.

Scamp is a lovely dog. Passionate, highly inquisitive, and loyal to a fault. He suffers from severe separation anxiety that Casey is working to cure him of. Soon he will find a good home. And I cannot wait to see him there.

People, be kind to these beautiful animals.

Be kind.

IMG_6986 IMG_6990IMG_7130


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