Dancing with wolves…um, sort of…

Well maybe not dancing but definitely hanging out. Haha.

I have an amazing cousin, I have featured him here before, and I was able to visit him this evening at the animal sanctuary he works and lives at.

Casey, my coz, has always really liked animals but they have since become his passion. Our family watched him move from volunteering at shelters, to studying with a dog whisperer and now the boy lives with wolves. LITERALLY!

Check it out here: http://www.howlingtimbers.org/animals.html

Howling Timbers Sanctuary is home to an amazing array of animals. From pigs and horses to Coatimundi to Capuchin and yes, a ton of wolves. And though I didn’t get to photograph all the animals I will be sharing the photos I did take over the next few days.

Tonight I just wanted to highlight, the highlight of my evening.

Here I am meeting with two full wolves, not to be confused with some of the wolf dogs on the sanctuary. And they are BIG let me tell you. They have the strangest most haunting eyes and huge faces. These two are people friendly as you can see. My cousin Case who knows quite a bit about dog psychology and demonstrates a dominate male authority is not able to get close to these particular wolves because they refuse to accept him as a dominate authority (if I understood him correctly). Me however, (not dominate) I walked right in and they came on over right away. I even got a kiss or two. It’s hard to describe what I was feeling. I think I was just thinking, this isn’t real, this is crazy, this huge animal is a wolf, and my heart became very full.

Please visit the website and even the place (it is in Muskegon, Michigan…that’s in the United States :)) It is an incredible place and they often do tours for folks. It was one of the best evenings of my life.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures of me with a lil baby Fox! Ahh!

First I was like, um whoa…they big.


Was I intimidated? Um yea.

And then they were all like, oh lady we like you. Haha, and it was just completely amazing visiting with these insanely beautiful animals.




Wolves like their bums scratched, just like dogs!


I likes you.


Wolf kisses


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