Travis Braun : Rock and Roll Posters

Hey Folks,

I just needed to make this post about a fantastic artist I came across some time ago. He is working on a really great project right now and asked if I might tell you all a little about it.

There is an excellent video about this project and how you can help in funding this extremely talented dude.

As you know music has always been very important to me, as I feel it is to many artists. Some of my artists friends can’t even create if there isn’t some type of music playing in the background. I feel that probably music is the grease to the wheels that enables us to get going and generate some serious work.

I totally appreciate what Travis is working on and if you have even the slightest interest in the combination of music and art you need to see what’s going on. Check every thing out here :

I had featured one of his images a long time ago in an article I did about Tim Burton, I adore his illustration style and encourage you full-heartily to take a look for yourselves.

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