Tutti Frutti

This is another young artist I have come across. Making her work with a cheepy camera, natural light, and raw talent 16 year old Cristina Otero is making her mark. The makeup is fantastic though the compositions are simple each one is vibrant and entirely gorgeous. Even though I tire of self portraits pretty quick (I’ve modeled for a great deal of my own work, so I really can’t talk) I would like to see her move beyond self portraits and in to working with other models. This series however, is really fantastic. Hats off to this chicky. Check her out here.

tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-1 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-2 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-3 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-4 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-5 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-9 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-10 tutti-frutti-cristina-otero-12


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