Fiddle Oak

Hey all. I just had to share this work with you by a very young photographer and photo manipulation artist that was shown to me by a friend. If you recall I have done alot of photo manipulation myself and seeing this just makes me want to get back to it. This boy is only 14 years old, self taught I assume and very talented. Check out his stuff here. And enjoy!

photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-20 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-19 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-18 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-17 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-16 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-15 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-14 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-8 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-5


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