Five Hundred!!!


Dear friends, this is my 5ooth post! I can’t believe it!

Really I just started this blog as a place to get myself putting my work online and writing. I know I’ve always wanted to have more time to really love on this site but it just hasn’t been in the cards. I hope I have disappointed anyone too badly 😉

I am excited to announce with my 500th post that things are changing for me in a big way.

As you know I have worked for almost 2 and a half years as a graphic designer for a greeting card company. I have met some really excellent people there, and they have changed my life. I have found solid relationships that have helped me develop into the person that I am, and helped to carry me through some pretty hard times. It has been a blessing… but it’s been hard too.

I was offered a new position in the lovely summer town of Grand Haven. If you haven’t been there let me tell you it’s a gorgeous place. Lots of beaches, fresh water and fun. I am very excited to be relocating, and also to be accepting this new position. I will tell you more about it as time progresses, but this is huge people! New job, new home! I can’t wait! I will of course be uploading photos accordingly 🙂

I took this position over another one (based in South Korea) so that I might stay close to my family and be there whenever they need me. It is also more in the line of work I am wishing to pursue. Which of course is illustration!

So here is to exciting times my friends. It’s been coming for a while, and I am so happy that it is here. I thank all the people who have helped me grow and supported me through the rough stuff. And I won’t waste a moment more thinking about the people who made it far harder than it ever needed be for a hopeful, good and diligent person.

I thank God for all my lovely friends, family and co-workers, I forgive the rest and move forward with this adventure!



Personally I need to thank the following:

My Mum, for being amazing. For loving me through all the turbulence, and for thinking she couldn’t live without me (you can). You make my heart so happy it hurts. I cherish you and honor you with my life.

My Dad, for supporting me and doing his darndest to understand my mood swings and emotional ups and downs. We have so much in common and you have such an amazing heart. You are my favourite man, in all the Earth.

Adam, you have a good heart, you just bug me most of the time.

Alex, you’re a turd but you make me laugh so hard. And I love you so very, very much.

Blair, you are the Watson to my Sherlock and I’ll love ya forever. Thanks for not giving up on me. I think it’s time you came home friend.

Courtney, you are the only other sister I’ve ever had. I will miss your sweet face and your beautiful heart. You were why I came to work every morning. You have blessed my life.

Emily, you have heard me say some absolutely ridiculous things, and never judged me for it. You’ve made me laugh so hard I’ve nearly cried. You are a tough little woman but you have the kindest most tender heart. I am better for knowing you.

I love you all.



One thought on “Five Hundred!!!

  1. Miss A, I am humbled by your kind words. I’m also better for knowing you. And I’m confident you will not only survive, but thrive, in your new life. It’s time to dance, homie!

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