What I’ve been watching : Brilliant Legacy

555Ok hello Korean television dramas, you are flippin’ addictive. Haha, I mean really. I just happened to grab this series at the library one day and from the first episode I was hooked. It was filmed in 2009 so I feel a little behind in the times in realizing it’s greatness but whatever, I’m watching it now. So there are 29 episodes right, and each of them is a full hour, the first episode may have been longer even. I think most US shows run something like 42 min per show. So you really need to dedicate yourself to it if you are going to burn thru it in 2 weeks ( it’s due back at the library tomorrow! and I still have 2 episodes left!!!)

Either way it’s been really great. And I do love foreign films so I thought I might give some foreign television a try. I’m glad I did. But at the same time, it will be a while before I pick up another. The emotional ups and downs were…whew a little hard to get thru one show right after another. Which may be why they run them an episode a week, so you can recover!

Hahaha. I know I am totally nerding out over this. But I really, really just fell in love with the series. You should check it out, if you have the time.

The actors were all really great as well. Bae Soo-Bin is really my favourite character in the series.

Lee Seung Gi : What a babe

Lee Seung Gi : What a babe

But it’s all really about Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Gi. Lee is fantastic, and he has the best rack of teeth I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only is he an actor but first and foremost he is apparently a super famous pop singer! Dude…really? Sigh….

And though I despise the Paek Seong-Hee evil step-mother character it is so flawlessly played by Kim Mi-Suk it gives me chills. Pure evil.

Haha, ok ok enough of that. You’ll have to check it out for yourself if you want to see more. 🙂

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