Hey Ya’ll. I haven’t been able to post for a while because I have been quite the busy body. I just returned very late Saturday night from a trip to the windy city. And boy was it windy. I nearly froze my poor stick thin self to death! But alas, I survived to make it back to the train just in the nick of time. Then went on to survive the train having a car crash into it! Ha! Seriously I’m not making it up. It delayed us for a long time, but the driver was ok and the damage to the train was cosmetic I think. I saw where the car hit, and wow, he must have been traveling at some speed. Yeesh!


So I spent a few days in Chicago, and also Washington IL. I got to go to the Field Museum and then, my fav… The Lincoln Park Zoo!!! I was so excited you should have seen me around the gorillas. They are so beautiful, and two of the females had little babies. I was more interested in the huge male gorilla of course. Really, just so amazing. I am totally jealous of the zoo they have there.

All in all I had a really great time with my BFF Blair, she’s the ginger in most of the pictures 🙂



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