Dear Media Circus…

I just need to write here how desperately shocked I was to hear the news about Oscar Pistorius this weekend. I know that I’ve written about him here a few times, what he means to so many, overcoming his disabilities and being such an amazing young man.

I was away in Chicago this weekend when I heard the news of what had occurred. And in some way my heart really broke over the sad event. As much as you can be wounded over something that has happened to someone you do not know, but care about and are inspired by.

My prayers go out to the family of Reeva.

To Oscar, his brother Carl and sister Aimee’.

I wish the media would shape up and stop spewing such hateful disgusting slanderous speculation.

None of us were there that night, none of us knew what happened. The truth will come out, I just wish that people would stop with the propaganda. It breaks my heart to see what has become socially acceptable as reporting these days. This isn’t the first place I have seen it, the Manti Te’o story…mercy the things the media slings around are so damaging to these people. Even the coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre was sensationalized beyond belief.

I’m saying that we have the problems that we do because of the way we handle these things. They are not lighted handed from one to another, they are torn apart, displayed in a half light, filled with holes and dripping with inflated intrigue.

God help us all.

We are murdering each other with our words…everyday.


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