Letters of Love


Hey ya’ll.

If you know me well enough, then you’ll probably understand that the only thing I like about Valentine’s Day, is the candy. Hahaha, seriously though, I think Valentine’s Day was created just to make single peeps feel like jerks. Or maybe not. But that’s how it seems to me. I don’t feel exceptionally troubled to still be very single at 25 but if anything Valentine’s Day generally makes me feel kinda crappy. But hey, whatever. Love is love. And even if I’m not in love I can at least still share the love.

IMG_1630There is a show taking place in Chicago that’s all about love. It’s a show in two parts, and you guessed it, it opens Valentines Day. The first portion of the show involves work from various artists on what love is to them. The second part of the show was for folks just like you and I to write anonymous love letters and send them in. Every person that comes to the show gets to select a letter and take it home with them! Ha! Pretty cool right? I thought it was totally awesome. IMG_1634

So I wrote a letter and made three copies, so we could spread the love around a little. I printed it on vintage King Crushed Ripple paper stock, folded it and then place each one inside a little package of vellum I made by hand. I also put a print in each, 3 different hand built collages I’ve done within the last year, then wrapped them up again in some vintage pages from an old shop account book. I wrapped them in twine and sent them all off together 🙂 I hope whoever gets my letters likes them muchly. I worked hard on them.



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