Musica : Pack Animals : Mixed Tape Vol 1

pack animals PA

I really have been wanting to share my mixed tapes with you guys. As you may know I love sharing mixed tapes and I have sent them lots of places. I think I’ve mailed 3 or 4 by way of SA, many to NYC, a few to Chicago, Oregon lots and lots of places. So what I generally do, is design an album cover, burn the actual cd, do it up in a nice case, generally wrap it in some cool way and send it along. Lots of times I have made collages by hand as the album cover. Which I love doing but don’t always have the time for. But now there is the list, you can run on over to and find most of the songs I’m sure. Sometimes the albums have themes. Like one I made was all dubstep because I was and still am slightly obsessed with that whole deal. Another one I made had the cowbell in every single track. Ha! I’m a nerd. : )

Enjoy homies.


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