New Photo Series : Finer Folks Than We

Hey peeps. This is a photo from a new series I am hoping to get off the ground about rescue dogs. I want to do a series based on the relationship between rescue dogs and their people. How they make us better, how many times they save us rather than us saving them.

It’s true. They are some of the most human parts of our person, they encourage us and are desperately loyal. I want each dog to have their own short series of studio portraits with one final environmental portrait shot in their home. Now, it’s a lot to take on and I don’t think it will be covered super fast. I am gauging about one animal a month. And am now looking for other rescue dogs that might be a good fit for the overall group.

So far, the first pup has been shot. I still have to do his studio shots. But this is what the fancy portrait type deal will look like. Rocco’s title is “The Gentleman Dog” which I think is rather lavishly depicted here 😉 He lives like a king!



The Gentleman Dog



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