Under the Influence of Artists : Matty Cipov

matty#2Soooo when I was in college I came across the work of Matty Cipov. I mean, I don’t know that I completely recognized him as the artist, but I do know that I became pretty stuck on the work. It of course involved a lot of human animal hybridity (I may have just made that word up) which is why it initially caught my eye. But the execution of the work, the line, desaturated color palette, and the collage-like style with stamps and numbers was really pretty fascinating.

If you’ve followed the blog long enough you will remember that I’ve always had a thing for animal-human relationships and the blending of physical characteristics.

I think that’s going to fascinate me till the day I die, and I’m totally cool with that.

Anyhoo, just recently I came across some new work and thought to myself, hey this looks like the work I was so stuck on back in the day. And sure enough, the work was by the very same dude. The exceptionally talented Matty Cipov. Check out his work here : http://www.mattcipov.com. The Field Notes series is by far my favourite. I totally dig his style of illustration, and I think probably he should build a font of his scripty writing and license it out. But that’s just the graphic designer in me talkin’.

I found him on twitter @MATTCIPOV and we have since traded mixed tapes. I was sooo excited to get his because generally I’m not on the receiving end. It was totally fab, and the music has been excellent too. I am considering sharing a playlist every month because the mixed tape thing has become so important to me.


I encourage you to head on over and take a gander at his awesomeness. Check it! 🙂


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