Adios 2012! Get gone friend.

lean mean 2013Hey Ya’ll Happy New Year to ya! Mercy was I happy to see 2012 go. Not that I’m not grateful for many of the good things that happened for me and for others that year, just that it seemed to be a very hard season for lots and lots of folks. So in that regard, I’m glad to wave it on and totally bear hug embrace the lovely brand shiny and new 2013.

Some really excellent things have happened for me and I am totally excited to see where things go from here. I know I don’t talk about my day job all that much, and I think probably I don’t say much here because the blog is my happy place, and I’d rather not tarnish it with blarg from my day job.

However, here’s to moving on. And hopes of finding a different, more purposeful, appreciation saturated day job. And if not, I’m really considered breaking free and doing this illustration thing free lance style. We shall see my friends. What concerns me most is being a help to others, a blessing. And if I can find that in an unrelated field you better believe I’m going to chase it.

So I suppose I’m encouraging you all to do the same. 2012 was a pretty crappy year. We can definitely do better, says I.

So… more hugs, laughter and love. Be good to your animal friends they are our furry soul mates. Mean what you say, say what you mean. People, smile more for pete’s sake! Eat more veggies (haha, just kidding. but really though that’s probably not such a bad idea). Treat each other with love and RESPECT. SO so so important. If you appreciate someone let them know. Support each other. BE KIND. Keep that in mind, we are all fighting our own battles, and more than we realize we need each other. Play nice, and don’t be so negative, I know that is hard these days.

All of these things apply to me as well! And you better believe I’ll be workin’ on it.

Love, love, love….






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