Booooooom Remake Project : David’s The Death of Marat

Hey kids, so if you remember way early on in the blog (like two years ago) I was in college and generating a lot of photo work that being my major and all. When I got my job as a graphic designer I really had to shelve my photo ambitions because of work and there not being enough time in the day, or enough energy in my body for that matter.

Well, is currently putting a book together to be printed by Chronicle (one of my favourite publishers) featuring the work of a bunch of artists. The theme of the book is REMAKES. REMAKES being old masters works revisited in photographic form. Some of my work in college was based on old masters paintings compositions so I was really excited to get back to this.

See some of the other submissions here:

So without further ado I want to share with you my peeps Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Marat, remade…by yours truly. And gender bent while I was at it. Hope you like it.


Death of Marat Final


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