I be rockin’ that hair

I am totally diggin’ short hair. I loves it, and I can make it do so many fun things. Also, when picking a costume/new identity there are more possibilities because I can gender bend characters and go as a female speedracer, marty mcfly or elliot from E.T. the options are limitless. hehehe. I loves it.
I know that I haven’t been updating too much, but it is in all honesty because I have been so busy. The 9-5 has been…really more like 9-forever haha. Well that’s what it feels like, just a lot of work to be done and it’s pretty exhausting at the end of the day. But I have today off, so I thought I would have myself a sit and blog a bit.
In my personal time….I’ve been working more. I have some projects that I have had going on that I haven’t mentioned, just in case they didn’t come to fruition. But VERY SOON I should have some pretty exciting things to share with you all. And, even if they don’t go in the direction I hope, I will still have some really great work to show you. All that, pretty soon. On a more daily basis, I am on the tweet machine just search for Steps Litely or Adrianne Adelle, and you’ll get to see my daily randomness. ; )



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