Just wanted to share a few of these images with you. I’ve been working at the WMHS for some time now and I see a lot of these really great pups go home to what I can only imagine to be wonderful families. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen perfectly wonderful animals returned by those well meaning (I have a different name for them in the heat of the moment) people who don’t have the patience to care for the animal properly.

I’m nearly off the soapbox here… So what I want to say to all you well meaning folks out there who are ready to adopt your newest family member, just take the time to really think over the animals physical and emotional needs before just running into it. I’ve had animals all my life and they can be a handful sometimes! But I know that I have what it takes to take care of them proper. I can’t tell you how hard it is on and animal to be adopted, begin to get acclimated to a new life and then just have it cut short and be back at the Humane Society (which isn’t a bad place to be, but still). I’ve seen some dogs get pretty depressed about it, and it just breaks my little heart right in two.

SO when you are ready, be sure that you are ready. BE calm, BE collected, RECOGNIZE the commitment and resposibility. And then prepare yourself to meet your new best friend, your other half, your furry soul mate.
Aaaaaaaaand scene.
Have a blessed week ya’ll : )



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