“Bear” with me…

I know I don’t get to update this very often but I just want to say that’s it’s mainly because I have no new content with which to update. Would you believe it? I know, lame sauce, total lame sauce. But it’s the truth my friends. My job is just sucking my creative soul right out my body, not good. So by the time I get home. I want to crawl into bed and just sleep forever, or blast off to the moon and never come back! hahaha. That would be rad. Well anyhoo, I am going to really push myself to get some new content on here, and update it more often. I swears ; )

Look at that cutiepie. Awww, bears. They are the bestest. So this little guy I drew and then cut up for a mixed tape cover collage that will be on it’s way to a special person very shortly. Hopefully they appreciate it. In fact, I am sure they will.

Cheers ya’ll



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