Under the Influence of Artists : Ginger Haze

Also known as Noelle, this talented young woman is, frankly, bloody fantastic. A comic artist and also an exceptional illustrator her websites are consistently updated and ripe with new content. The comradely she has with her followers is also in good form as she responds to many of the people who post to her. I feel that a few marketing pros could most definitely learn a thing or two from her tactics. I sense that she is greatly loved, people easily respond to her work and only want more.

Generally uploading her college work as she progresses through the school year, she also adds comic after comic about her latest addiction. Generally comic material comes from pop culture and the film industry. With topics ranging from Sherlock Holmes, to the up and coming Noomi Rapace (who apparently has killer cheek bones), spoofs of The Hunger Games, and of course the latest and greatest from Loki and the Avengers. And there is definitely something to be said about someone who can not only illustrate exceedingly well but also has a natural comic genius that is at times hysterically funny (and you realize you are laughing out loud at work, and you get yelled at for being on that site again).

Working mainly in digital illustration she brings her lady pirates, giants and sea faring hostiles to life with new digital techniques mimicking old methodology i.e. water colors, ink washes and the like. Highly imaginative you could spend all freaking day just going over and over all the content that ginger haze has to offer. And while I do enjoy the media centered content the actual illustrative portions of the site are the best.

Who knew a girl with what I imagine is a very basic tablet, laptop and a killer imagination could captivate so many. Seriously, as a fellow artist I am totally jealous of her passion and her determination to really put forth a great body of work. She works hard, loves what she does and it shows.

Check it out for yourselves my homies: http://www.gingerhaze.tumblr.com


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