Under the Influence of Artists : Tarsem

The Fall has long been a favourite film of mine. When I heard that Tarsem was coming out with a new piece, The Immortals I was interested to see what he would bring to the table next. There is always such vibrancy and painstaking attention to detail in each and every facet of his work. It’s like he creates little worlds within our own that are so extraordinarily beautiful and seductive, phantasmagorical yet recognizable that we believe in them completely and want to go there ourselves. The characters he fills his films with are exotic, nefarious, and lovely, each compelling, and each as a character entirely complete.

I have to say The Immortals was interesting and as always impressive but I also found it to be of a more malevolent quality, its altruistic vein very much lost within the convoluted storyline. It went deep, and very, very dark. Like – when fire was still kind of a new thing – dark. It takes us back to a very primal time, where the people were more like animals than people. It was actually quite frightening. I can honestly say that Tarsem has always had the ability to stun me with some of his more simplistic visuals. I feel he seeks to both captivate and simultaneously cut you to the bone. There was a particular discomfort I felt and a definite edgy quality to the film that I found it to be reminiscent of The Cell.

Hats off to Mr. Rourke, it’s not hard for him to delve in to his animalistic qualities. He was like a lion, huge, physically marred, cunning and terribly cruel. He absolutely made the film for me. Though I think it’s safe to say that the impressive cache of actors, amid the backdrop of Tarsem’s freakishly lovely world have all been lucky enough to be immortalized in one way, or another.


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