Under the Influence of Artists : Blair Jeffers

I realize I haven’t done one of these for a while now not to say that I haven’t been inspired by anyone, just that I’ve been busy and absorbed in my own dealio. So today I chose a very special artist and a fantastic person to boot. The wonderful Blair Jeffers, illustrator and formally trained printmaker. Her illustrative style is to die for, very meticulous, generally black and white with very little color ever introduced. Blair and I went to school together and while our working habits are very different so was our work. Blair’s work is well thought out and painstakingly rendered, bottom line it’s bloody fantastic. There isn’t much work for me to pull from and exhibit here because she doesn’t listen to me when I say she needs to get more of her stuff photographed or scanned and out there on her blog. Haha, I will keep on her about it. Check out her blog here: http://blairjeffers.wordpress.com/

This is a wonderfully precious little drawing she gave to me before moving to Prioria where she is now living and working. Though absolutely terrified of sharks for years and years they have turned into more of a curious obsession for me. Knowing how they fascinated me she was so thoughtful and kind to bless me with this little piece that I will cherish forever. Note the lovely wash there, just perfect.

This In another piece I received for my birthday or Christmas about a year ago. It’s a form of art that I feel is something of a rarity in my corner of the world at least. The Cardinal another motif that I have used in my own work before, and a bird I really adore because of that rad faux-hawk it’s always rocking. Again I wish I had more of her work to share but you should definitely check out her blog to see the up and coming stuff.


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