Olympics 2012

Ok now I have to talk about my latest obsession, Olympics 2012! Oh my word, they ended only a few night ago and I am still sad about it. I wish that they took place more often but I know they wouldn’t be as fantastic if they did. I am so impressed by the unity and the fellowship we got to witness taking place there in London. They woman in the swimming events were fantastic and that Missy Franklin is a doll, but so was that Schmitty, she smiles so much she must never be sad.

As always I was very invested in the magic that is Michael Phelps, that kid has impressed me from day one. And though I’ve sensed something a little like arrogance in his performance this year, I am far more drawn to him as a competitor than Mr. Lochte. In all honesty that man impresses me not at all. The mens diving was a incredible as well. The young man who entered finals in 18th place but took gold, my heart was so full, and he was such a sweet humble dude. I am so impressed.

Bolt was fast as ever, and those men from Jamica really stole the show. They USA womens team was hot on the track and did a truly fantastic job. The Decathalon atheletes were like nothing I had ever seen. And I think I was so drawn to that event in particular because I did such a range of events when I was in track a hundred years ago. Believe it or not a skinny thing like me used to throw shotput back in the day! That’s right. Though I was mainly a sprinter, I had a variety of events and for the most part really enjoyed them all.

I would have to say that the best part for me was the impressive Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee, aptly named “the bladerunner”. That man done so much just by being who he is and fighting to be treated just like anyone else. It’s incredible and it really touched my heart to see him out there on that track day after day, just doing his best. Now, I’ve been having some difficult trials lately, but looking at him and thinking about all the things he has had to overcome really helps me put things in perspective and push forward. And I know I’m not the only one he has inspired. I will be following his progress closely and remembering him in my prayers for safety and prosperity, a prayer I pray for all our atheletes.

I have made a little promise to myself, that in four years time I will make it to Rio and see history unfold at the 2016 Olypics right before my eyes. It’s a promise I hope I can keep, and an adventure I look forward too, even though it seems so far away.

I can’t wait.


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