Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while. Too long. And I haven’t been able to blog hardly at all, life has just gotten away from me for the past six months. But good news. I am looking to get stable internet at home and once that happens I’m going to be posting so much you’re gonna be sick of me! Hahahaha!

So something of an update.

Mainly I’ve been busy working full time as a graphic designer, that hasn’t changed much. The time I have when I’m not at work I use to do some freelance stuff and on occasion I get a chance to create something for myself. I get distracted a lot though and wind up making mixed tapes (mixed cd’s, I just call them mixed tapes because it’s nostalgic) for my friends, and if you have ever gotten one from me I mail them and they generally have a hand built collage inside. I’ve been working on some apparel stuff too, or textile and pattern design. Whatever I can do to push my illustration work in my free time, that’s what I’m up to.

Recently I got some new chickies, and I tell you they are gorgeous. There are 10 in all now and the new Rhode Island Reds are collectively named Caroline, because that was the name of the little girl I got them from. They are the prettiest little hens, and they lay the BIGGEST eggs! Haha, I can’t believe it. I love picking them up and carrying them around, and they really don’t mind, they coo and follow me around like little feathered babies.

Besides that, I purchased a LOVELY Canon Mark II and am completely in love with it. I’m still working at the dog shelter, so I use it there and have been trying to use it more often just to get that touch again.

I will be uploading more pics here and hopefully some of the freelance work I’ve been doing.

Also great news! I am getting an entirely new and fancy studio, a photography studio that is. Along with a new camera I have a fab lighting kit with three pro lights plus two more I got off craigslist. Then I got a brand spanking new backdrop mounts with two diamond cloth backdrops, one black and one white. With that I also got a mobile backdrop mount, large enough to carry the 10 foot by 20 foot backdrops.  Lastly I got a lovely new inkjet printer that I just cannot wait to use! It has all new hard wood flooring, gorgeous new windows, and freshly painted walls.

I will upload pictures of the process soon. ; )






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