Comicon 2012

That’s right people I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Comicon. At first it looked as though I would not be able to make it. But a friend was kind enough to purchase my ticket for me and then drive all of us all the way down to Chicago. Sure it was a long car ride be very exciting. I had never been to Chicago before you see. Man that place is huge, I tell ya. And all the tolls, and bridges, and underground tunnels, it was awesome.

I didn’t purchase anything there but the pictures I brought back were the treasures I brought home. There were so many people in costume! And not just Halloween store costumes, so many were legit looking. We’re talking Hollywood quality here. It was great. There were Predators, posing Spidermen, some scantily clad Leiloo’s from the the Fifth Element, one very convincing Jack Sparrow, lots of Adventure Time characters, and loads of Stormtroopers. I do love a man in uniform you know, Galactic uniform that is ; )

Click into this article to see all the pictures listed below:


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