25 years young



There are all my birthday wishes, hahaha. Really though, world peace would be fantastic, as would a grizzly bear, they are pretty much my fav. I was serious about the prosperity of my friends and family, they enrich my life. The part about a dude, would be true as well. I suppose they are in pretty high demand and my name might be back on the list a ways, it’s ok, I’m holding out for just the right one. He’ll come around, I’m sure.

I was told that I should really look back and go over all the things I’m thankful for as 25 years is quite a marker. But I’m trying to view it as only the beginning portion and that there is far more to come. Sometimes I get caught up with where I am at and where others are and it can look like I’m not where I should be. But we are all exactly where we need to be right now, we just need to rock out to it in a big way, easier said than done.

So, I’m grateful for my amazing family that has supported me through SO MUCH! Carried me, at times coached me through all kinds of situations, and always encouraged me. I am grateful for my health, healthy as a horse and pretty physically fit (flex here) that is a huge thing that I often overlook. I made it through school and have a college degree, that’s another thing not everyone has. I got the higher education and then I got a full time job, which I admit isn’t everything I ever wanted, but I’ve learned so much and met some really special people and I know it’s just the beginning.

I am grateful that I was made differently from others, and where I used to be criticized because I didn’t learn like other children I never was ashamed, because I saw the world in a different way. It has defined me completely. I couldn’t have made it without my mum, fighting for me every step of the way, and my dad just accepting me as the hopelessly absent-minded creative that I am. Also my siblings have been a constant source of love and irritation. I love you both emmensely. It is because of them and one other special lady that I am who I am today. I have to say how grateful I am for the time I had with my grandmother. And where I feel that my time with her was less than I wanted, I will never forget all she taught me, and the woman she inspired me to be. I miss you, I miss celebrating this day with you, I miss the cards, I miss your encouragement, and I miss all the things you ever did for me out of love that I never took into account until after you had left me.

I’m so grateful to God that I have a full life. It’s not empty or barren or lonely. I am grateful that I am changing every day. Lastly on my 25th birthday I thank those who need thanking, apologize to the ones I’ve hurt, and pray that the next chapter would be far greater than the first.







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