Hey Ya’ll! Hope to see you here Friday!!

Holiday Artists’ Market Friday,

December 2 | 5–9 PM Saturday, December 3 | 10 AM–9 PM

Shop our 23rd annual market for all your holiday gifts. This event offers handmade art, jewelry and gifts created by 46 regional artists and artisans. Mark your calendars now to attend this ever-popular event.

Free Admission.

Participating Artists: Rick Beerhorst, Bonnie Blandford, Amy Brower, A Blair Clemo, Cydney Colvig, Vicki Cook, Trevor Edmonds, Erwin Erkfitz, Elizabeth Forrest, Rebecca Green, Alynn Guerra, Steven Huyser-Honig, Lindsay Jones, Celia Kaiser, Robyn Kane, Michael Kifer, Shelly Klein, Whitney Korstange, Hilary Koster, Jacquelyn Kroll, Erin Lenau, Aron Lowe, Nicole MacPherson, Rachel McKay, Rosemary Mifsud, Christina Mrozik, Jarrod Napierkowski, Jovonnah Nicholson, Heather Powers, Lisa Price, Christina Root, Jeff Rottman, Julie Sanford, Jenn Schaub, Karin Schueller, Lisa Siebert, Megan Stubbs, Jennifer Surine, Susan Temple, Melissa Thompson, Emilie Tromp, Rachael Van Dyke, Joel VanDam, Nick Vankeuren, Aaron Wilson, Hyun Yoo and Jacob Zars.


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