My Grandmother…

“And her ways are ways of gentleness, and all her paths are peace”

Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice (1859 – 1918)

My family has always been full of strong independent women. Sometimes to much independence, but never too much strength. I believe I inherited my strength from my mother, and I believe she inherited it from her mother. In my mind there were always the three generations, Grandma Dorothy, my mother and me. And though from vastly different circumstances and environments the three of us always came together and remained deeply connected women, knowing, sharing, believing and full of love.

This is the family of women I knew…and needed.

There is a very important part of that line missing now. As of early yesterday morning my Grandmother, Dorothy Mae Theresa Ebers, humble, gracious, wise and so desperately loved, left this life for the next. Her form beaten and brutally shattered by stage four ovarian cancer she left her body and a great deal of pain behind and went ahead to her eternal reward, a reward that, I have no doubt, is very great.

My Grandmother was the youngest of seven and the only one to graduate from High school. She was married three times to two husbands and one man, who was not what a husband should be or what a father could have been. Eddie her first husband was taken from her just six months after their marriage. Before the marriage took place the couple was informed of his brain cancer, they married anyway, and he died shortly after. Her second marriage gave her four wonderfully different and vastly talented children. With no financial support from her husband she raised those children very much on her own, returning to school and taking up nursing. Her third marriage was to the much adored John, golden glove boxer and an amazing dancer. John passed away of congestive heart failure just months before I was born. Though I never met the man I spent my whole life hearing about him and am very grateful for the care, love, and devotion he wrapped my grandmother in.

Her greatest love was always her children, her own sons and daughters and her grand children alike. She was a second mother to us all. So concerned with our well beings, she had a special and private place in her heart for every one of us.

I have always had a very deep bond with my grandmother and always found myself telling her things I would never mention to anyone else. She had an open heart so full of love that your first response was to open your own heart to her. Her wisdom has guided me all my life and her faith in me has spurred me to not give up when gripped with discouragement. Her constant devotion and faithfulness to a God she knew her entire life was the ultimate inspiration. She taught me so much, loved me so truly, I know that in all the days I have left here on earth I will never meet another person like her.

Though she was the last of seven she is the first in my heart.

Grandma, I love you, and even now I sense your presence in my heart permeating my entire being. I walk amid the echo of your own steps. I hear your whispers of encouragement in moments of stillness. I can still feel your tender hands clinging firmly to mine, supple but strong. Had we been only strangers and not mothers and daughters I know…I would have loved you just the same. You know me completely and complete. I am not whole without you…none of us are.

Till we meet again,


Dorothy Mae Teresa Ebers 1927-2011


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