Hey Y’all

I realize I haven’t had the time to do much updating on here. Trust me I would love to keep this blog current and just packed full of cool stuff, my art, recent designs, book and movie reviews, and essays about other artists work. But the sad truth is that I simply do not have the time. and if I do have the time it’s while I am at home where we have dial-up (half of you probably don’t even know that that is) and I can’t do jack with that kind of internet connection. So here is an update.
I am still working as a graphic designer, handling greeting cards. I work all week, all day, and am pretty exhausted by the time i get home (a 45 minute commute one way). By the time I’m home I generally try to help around the house with things and then retire to my room to cook something up for threadless or spoon flower. It seriously breaks my heart that I don’t have more time or energy to pour into my art. I’ve been doing a few design jobs for clients on the side and basically just trying to hone my craft and make a name for myself. I haven’t been organizing this blog as well as I’d like and that may one day result in me leaving this site and starting another, but this will certainly do for now.
So I am trying to keep this site stocked with current work, just bear with my folks and I’ll keep the goods coming.
Thanks to all,


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