Grey Gardens

I had a professor named Darlene whom I admire deeply and whose opinion I respect immensely. She told me at one point to see the film Grey Gardens, as at the time it related to my own work. I remember at the time that I was far too busy to act on that suggestion. However, just this last weekend I saw the most recent film that covers the making of the original documentary and looks deeper into the lives of Big and little Edi. It was incredible. The film was so moving. I know now that having seen this new film starring the wonderful Drew Barrymore, that I must also see the original documentary. The ultimate depiction: a mother-daughter bond the who needs who, the lasting devastation, freedom from that devastation, and true weight of love.

At the time she suggested it to me I was closing up work on a twin series. The body of work was about these two sisters, Ira and Eva who lived together and acted in a deeply symbiotic relationship. Almost like one could not exist without the other. So close that they were nearly a single entity, two parts of a greater whole. The catch is that both women are really the same individual, shot multiple times and edited into a final singular image. Here is the work I did for that series. I plan on continuing the body…eventually…someday.

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